Garages13-5b031810a6a71You can choose from three roof styles: Regular Roof, A-Frame Boxed Eve, or the Vertical Boxed Eve. The Regular Roof rolls or curves over the side walls with no overhang providing a rounded roof look. The A-Frame and the Vertical Roof styles have 6″ of boxed eve overhang over the side walls giving you a more traditional look similar to soffit on a home or building.

Garages13-5b031810a6a71There are two framing options available for your structure: the standard 14g framing which  is 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ with an option to upgrade to a heavier 12g framing which is 2 1/4″x 2      1/4″. 

Garages13-5b031810a6a71Both the 14g and 12g framing carry a minimum 30 day workmanship warranty or  guarantee. Although the 12g framing is a little more condensed in size, it is 30% thicker  and stronger and will carry a 20 year rust-thru protection warranty against rust and corrosion. With the ability to certify/engineer both frame gauges for wind and snow, the heavier 12g framing is specifically designed for areas of our country that receive heavy amounts of snow and ice during the winter months. 

garages2-5b0318b330c92The side/leg height will be the lowest point at the eve’s of the structure, or the length of the vertical studs. You will have additional footage added to the leg height to determine both   the peak height of the unit as well as the interior center brace clearance. Typically and to  ensure that you will have proper clearance, the leg height of the unit will need to be the same as the tallest point of the automobile, tractor, boat, RV, etc. that you plan on covering. Keep in mind that it’s always better to have additional room and not need it, then to need it and not have it. Unfortunately and once the unit has been installed, there is virtually no way to raise or extend the height of the structure. 

garages2-5b0318b330c92Typically and in most areas, structures are delivered and installed within 2-6 weeks depending on the customer’s location.

garages2-5b0318b330c92In order to ensure that there are no issues with your site once the installation team arrives,   it needs to be level within 3″ or less from side to side and approximately 4″-6″ from front to  back. Due to the fact that the installation teams do not do onsite leveling or ground work,  it is imperative that your site is ready and level prior to the guys arriving to avoid any interruptions with the installation schedule and to avoid any re-stock/re-scheduling  charges.

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garage-P7010034.90120136_largeIt solely depends upon the county or city building department requirements where the unit will be installed. Prior to placing your order, check with your local city or county in regards to permitting requirements and if a permit is needed, you can order an engineered unit that will comply with local wind and snow load requirements. Engineered drawings are available for permitting and the cost of the drawings will be determined based on the type  of prints needed or required by your local building department.

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